How to Google like a pro

Noah Lloyd
2 min readFeb 6, 2022


Make your search more powerful and get the results you really want.

What are search operators?

A search operator is something you can add within your google search that filters content so that you can get precisely the results you’re looking for. They take a couple minutes to learn, but they’ll be useful for the rest of your life. I personally use them every day when I’m looking for something specific.

Google’s search operators from most useful to somewhat useful

“ ”

If you wrap a phrase or word in quotation marks, you only get results that have precisely that phrase or word within the website

“Noah Lloyd Medium”


Add a dash in front of a word to remove any site that contains that word from your results

What to watch -Netflix


If you only want results from a specific website, you can add site: together with it’s domain to the end of your search

best online course for programming


Get results that are of a specific file. I mostly use this to find PDF’s

Sun Tzu on The Art of War filetype:pdf


Put “define” in front of any word to get the definition, synonyms and part of speech of that word



Gets any results that have the phrase or word you placed after in the title of the site

chrome extension intitle:spark dashboard


Works much the same as intitle, but instead of having to be in the title, the word or phrase you put in can be anywhere on the site

intext:noah lloyd


You can use two full stops to signify a time period by putting a year before and after

Top companies 2005..2010


Google Search can do math. Put in an equation and you’ll get a calculator showing the result of your calculation

1 + 2² * 4


You can get results based on parts of different websites’ url’s, or use it in the same way as “site:”

clothes inurl:shop


Use related: and then a website to find other sites that have similar content to it


To get the weather of a specific location, or without any location and you’ll be shown the weather for where you are



If you put in stocks: and then a ticker, Google Finance will pop up with information on that stock



Search for a blog post that contains a word or phrase in the title


Combining operators

In order to get more value from all the operators you can combine them in your searches

fiction -”harry potter” filetype:pdf intext:dragon